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Discover Paris, the romantic city...

Discover Paris


Magic, loving and magnetic city, Paris attract the glances and make falling in love.

Huge theatre where all every Parisian is an actor, come there to stroll, lost yourself with delight in the lanes of Le Marais or the Louvre corners.

You should enjoy the atmosphere of museums, coffees and theatres to get onto the whole Parisian life.
It is important to go all over the city by reading about its history, because water ran under the bridges of the Seine and the face of Paris changed a lot these last decades.

Read again some of the books which speak so well about the City of Light, sitted on a public bench, public. The "terrible children" and those who come from paradise exist not only on “the black screen of your sleepless nights”. The party is always prepared and the dinner is served at any hour!

And the magic of Paris will shine a long time in your eyes…

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