Villa Savoye

The Villa Savoye, named after its former owner Pierre Savoye is a symbol of the modernity of Le Corbusier. Located in the outskirts of Paris in the city of Poissy, it was a country retreat of the Savoye family from 1931 to 1940, then was severely damaged during the war.

The building, shaped as a white parallelepiped was built on the base of Le Corbusier’s five points of new architecture. The villa is supported by pilotis, the ground level was used as a garage. On the first floor, wide windows let the light penetrate and on the roof, the garden and the terrace bring nature into the house. The Villa became a major achievement in the architecture of the XXth century. The house fell into decay until 1963 when its restoration started. The Villa became a French historical monument in 1965, a rare occurence as its creator was still living at the time.The Villa Savoye is now open to public.

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