Restaurants in France

Renowned worldwide, the French gastronomy has an incredible wealth. She has never lost its luster. The whole world envies our specialties. Some of the most famous specialties are a history of the France game. Widespread, they can be sometimes tasted the four corners of the hexagon. The foie gras, cheese, crepes, cassoulet, bouillabaisse or sauerkraut are among the most known.

Our country is the place where many foreign chefs come to learn their trade. In November 2010, the "gastronomic meal of the French 'enters the Intangible Cultural Heritage by UNESCO. First time that food is included in the World Heritage Site. Spices, organic vegetables, local products, or foreign cuisine, today, many restaurants have their own specialty.

culinary tour de France can be a very rewarding experience for those who enjoy cooking and are interested in the history of the dishes and the regions of France. With Infotourisme, you can find the restaurant you are looking for: it starred or not, original, romantic or trend.