Musée du Luxembourg

The Musée du Luxembourg, of Paris, is a museum located in the sixth arrondissement near the Palais du Luxembourg. It was the first museum in France to be opened to the public since 1750 but also the first museum dedicated to contemporary art in Europe in 1918. The museum is managed by the French Senate, which organizes all the exhibitions in order to develop an ambitious cultural policy serving the public.

The management of the museum by the Senate and the Ministry of Culture has ensured a level of excellence in production and organization of exhibitions that have contributed to the success of the Luxembourg museum exhibitions over the past years. Many of these exhibitions have been devoted to great painters such as Botticelli, Gauguin, Matisse and Modigliani.

The museum has been fully renovated to host the exhibition "Cézanne et Paris” in autumn 2011. The next exhibitions in the musée du Luxembourg for the following years will be axed on 3 topics: "The Renaissance in Europe", "Art and Power" and "the Palace, the Garden and Museum: Luxembourg in the center of Paris, the capital of arts."

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