Domaine national de Saint-Cloud

The national domain of Saint-Cloud is located on the outskirts of the city of Paris, it offers nature lovers an area of 460 hectares of gardens, fountains and sculptures, designed at the time by André Le Nôtre. The site also offers exceptional views over the capital, which will satisfy tourists. The garden, which is considered one of the most beautiful in Europe, was in turn owned by Catherine de Médicis, Marie-Antoinette, Bonaparte and Napoléon III. The palace was burned in october 13, 1870, resulting in more or less successful projects by the Third Republic : French provincial park or monument crystal palace with a palace in the castle ruins (1879-1884) are then devised to reuse ruins and park. None among the list is born. Reusable buildings are reassigned as the flag of Valois who in 1882 welcomed the Normale Superieure School. The remains of the castle remain in place for over twenty years until 1891, they are then destroyed for security reasons.

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