Maison des Jardies

House of Jardies and his cottage were built in 1838. Initial ownership of Balzac, he had to flee in 1840, however, because of its creditors. It only remains for him a beautiful rustic buffet, moved into the home gardener and thus saved his creditors. In 1878, the House of Jardies was bought by Léon Gambetta seeking a country home to relax its political struggles. During January 1882, he removed it with his mistress, Léonie Leon. Léon Gambetta made a hand injury and because of his health, his doctor bedrest. Appendicitis and then declared he died December 31, 1882. Since 1999, a "table storyteller" tells visitors to its projects and its disappointments, its presence was further strengthened by filing a monumental head in plaster of Auguste Rodin.

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