Église Notre-Dame-des-Missions

Church Notre-Dame-des-Missions of Epinay-sur-Seine is located in the department of Seine-Saint-Denis, Ile-de-France region. She was the chapel of the Catholic missions built by the architect Paul Tournon the archdiocese, presented at the Colonial Exhibition of 1931 in the Bois de Vincennes "to the glory of the conquest of the Catholic church missionary across countries and the centuries. " She has an amazing diversity of styles, with a front mid Annam, part Art Deco. In 1932, following a national appeal launched by Marshal Lyautey, the pavilion was rebuilt in reinforced concrete (the original flag was made of light materials) to Epinay. For the front, the glass artist Marguerite Hure uses a new method, the Huré brick, patented in 1930. The panels are designed by Raymond Virac. The stained glass, paintings and sculptures by artists' studios sacred art (founded in 1919 by the painters Maurice Denis and Georges Desvallières) under the leadership of Henri de Maistre. The Beatitudes of the nave are of Raymond Delamarre, Prix de Rome in 1919. Carlo Sarrabezolles for his part carved directly into the concrete by taking six of the roof parapet walls and the four statues (representing the four races) at the corners of the tower Historic monument by decree of June 14, 1994, Notre-Dame-des-Missions is considered a masterpiece of sacred art from the early twentieth century.

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