Château de Champlâtreux

The land was acquired in 1567 Champlâtreux by Edward Mole, president of the Parliament of Paris mortar and remained in his descendants. The family is therefore sometimes called "Mole Champlâtreux" Earth Champlâtreux having been erected in marquisate Mole for Edward, son of Mathieu Mole (1584-1656), First President of the Parliament of Paris and Keeper of the Seals of France.

Mathieu-François Molé (1705-1793), President mortar Parliament of Paris, used some of the immense fortune of his wife, Felicity Good Bernard, daughter of financier Samuel Bernard for rebuilding on a much broader the modest dwelling Louis XIII style inherited from his ancestors.

In the years 1735-1740, the architect Jean-Michel Chevotet had built the two houses of care that can be seen today on the road Luzarches and layout of French gardens and the half-moon before the entry.From 1751 to 1757, he rebuilt the castle, stables and orangery. The work cost the relatively reasonable sum, given the magnificence of the mansion, 513 507 pounds.

To keep the costs down, Chevotet had created a brick in front of the castle, used gypsum found on the property to make plaster, wood from nearby forests and stone quarries Luzarches, Gascourt and Saint-Maximin (Oise) . Under the French Revolution, the furniture was broken and the castle transformed into a military hospital.

Louis Mathieu Mole (1781-1855) worked to restore it to the state it is today. At his death, the estate passed to his sole heir, Clotilde de la Ferte Meun-by marriage Duchess of Noailles. He has since remained in the family of Noailles. The park is open to visitors from 1 July to 15 August each year, with an entrance fee.

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