Cathédrale Notre-Dame de Senlis

Notre Dame de Senlis is the smallest cathedral in French. It is located in the department of Oise in Picardy.

Construction of this building began in 1155 and ended in 1191 with a solemn celebration to mark the end of the construction. Later, some work was started with the donations made by the king in the 13th century, allowing the construction of the magnificent spire which rises above the south tower. Notre Dame de Senlis suffered major damage during a fire in 1504. Coverage arches and large windows were destroyed. The damaged parts were rebuilt thanks to the support of kings.

This cathedral is one of the first monuments of the country to be Gothic. The quality of this building is undeniable and will appeal to visitors various elements such as the portal of the Virgin, the south tower, the facades of the transept. It is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful cathedrals in France. The windows are beautiful.

The cathedral houses the paintings of artists Lallemant, Berthélemy, Marie and Pierre Suvée. Elements like the organ and the buffet are objects that are classified as the objects of historical monuments!

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