Église Saint-Samson

The church of Saint-Samson is a Catholic parish church of the late fifteenth century Gothic style in Clermont town district in the center of the department of Oise, Picardy, France. Built in the twelfth or thirteenth century by century historians, it replaces the college's keep Clermont, who served as the church in the city until the decision of the monument. Burned during the Hundred Years War, there remained a chapel around the nave. It was restored in 1495 and in 1762, they returned the headstones to make a new pavement. In 1785, the steeple was destroyed by a fire caused by lightning, it was rebuilt in 1812. The Church is the subject of a classification as historical monuments since January 4, 1925. Located in the Diocese of Beauvais, it has unequal proportions and portions that have not been built as the north transept of the fortifications because at the time. It has some architectural treasures: the Holy Sepulchre of the sixteenth century, sixteenth-century stained glass and paintings of the thirteenth century.

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