Change your way to sightseeing by discovering Paris with an eco-friendly, smart and atypical car.

Being practical is one of the car’s advantages and there are different routes available.

The itinerary covers over 90 different tourist attractions that will show you around the most prestigious areas such as Montmartre, Notre-Dame and Saint-Germain at your own rhythm.

Once you’re on the road you will have an Ipad which will be your tour guide (available in 6 languages) will show you the monuments, streets, statues etc. in a more innovative way using photos and videos to show you what you can’t see from the outside of the attractions. Written by a historian, our texts are certified in compliance with their history. Our videos and photos were specially made by professional moviemakers. The guide triggers automatically once you come near one of the attractions.

The magic doesn’t stop there. Each car is equipped with free WIFI access so you will be able to connect with family and friends via Skype, Facebook, Twitter etc. with your tablet or smartphone to share your Parisian experience with them at that very moment.

In addition to that, at the end of your trip you will be able to bring home with you a documented video of your visit as the car has 2 cameras at your disposal : one that films your outing throughout the city and the other that films your reactions from the inside of the vehicle. If wished, you will be given this video on a USB key in the shape of a business card as a unique souvenir. What a pleasure it will be to watch this later with friends back home and to be able to relive the sensation !

We have also adapted our Ipad so that the partially deaf are able to equally enjoy the cultural history of the city of Paris.

We are forerunners of this type of “ecological, technological and free Wifi access visit”.

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