How to plan a short weekend junket trip?

Many people decide to take advantage of a weekend junket trip. So discover some simple tips that 
will help you make it unforgettable. What is a junket trip? It’s quite simply a trip that is financed by your gambling games. You must indeed sign a contract
with a casino, which will then pay the main costs of your stay. For your part, you must commit to
playing at the casino for a certain number of hours and betting a defined amount. For such an
agreement, it is possible to partner with a physical casino or, to proceed in a more modern way,
you can opt for new online casinos. It is indeed the most recent way to benefit from a junket stay.



Accommodation nearby

65 € From
hotel-du-cygne paris-1er

Hôtel du Cygne

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  • 01 42 60 14 16
39 € From
premiere-classe-annecy cran-gevrier

Première Classe Annecy

  • Cran-gevrier
  • 09 8 0 45 6 1 38
45 € From
premiere-classe-amiens amiens

Première Classe Amiens

  • Amiens
  • 03 2 2 66 2 6 26


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