Monuments in Rhône-Alpes

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Monuments en Rhône-Alpes

basilique-saint-martin aime

Basilique Saint-Martin

The Romanesque basilica Saint-Martin, dating from the XI century, has beautiful frescoes from the late of XII ...

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tour-montmayeur aime

Tour Montmayeur

Tower fully restored of the XIII century, which houses three levels: models, maps, images and background ...

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eglise-saint-sigismond aime

Eglise Saint-Sigismond

The church was built in the XIV century by the Founding Father Nicod Festi, since it is dedicated to the king ...

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eglise-saint-marcel allevard

Église Saint-Marcel

This gothic revival Church was built in 1865 and offers at the public some parts amazing, like the altar of St ...


tour-du-treuil allevard

Tour du Treuil

This construction of the XI and XII century is an old watchtower located on the heights of Allevard, in the ...


eglise-saint-etienne brides-les-bains

Église Saint-Étienne

Located at the end of a ledge, this church built in 1837 has retained its XII century bell tower with twin ...


chateau-de-pizancon chatuzange-le-goubet

Château de Pizançon

Castle of Pizançon date of the XIX century. This shall include a main building flanked by two corner ...


chateau-de-voltaire ferney-voltaire

Château de Voltaire

Voltaire bought this castle, in the little village of Ferney, in 1758. He started there some work to improve ...


monastere-royal-de-brou bourg-en-bresse

Monastère royal de Brou

The Royal Monastery of Brou is a gothic style masterpiece from the 16th century. It became a French historical ...


chateau-des-allymes amberieu-en-bugey

Château des Allymes

The castle of Allymes a military fortress of the thirteenth century, rebuilt in the sixteenth century, located ...


abbaye-notre-dame-d-ambronay ambronay

Abbaye Notre-Dame d'Ambronay

The Abbey of Our Lady of Ambronay was built in the eighth century by an officer of Charlemagne, Saint Bernard. ...


eglise-saint-pierre-de-sauveplantade rochecolombe

Église Saint-Pierre de Sauveplantade

Romanesque Priory Church of the eleventh century, a Latin cross, she has three apses arched ass oven. It was ...


cathedrale-notre-dame die

Cathédrale Notre-Dame

The cathédrale Notre-Dame was the cathedral of the diocese Die in the fourth century to 1801. At that ...

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chateau-des-adhemar montelimar

Château des Adhémar

The castle of Adhemar is in the town of Montelimar in the Drome and the present castle was built in the ...


chateau-du-passage le-passage

Château du Passage

Castle of Passage is located on the town of Passage. In 1342 the family acquired land in Clermont where the ...


chateau-de-la-bastie-d-urfe saint-etienne-le-molard

Château de la Bastie d'Urfé

La Bastie d'Urfe is a castle of Forez (Saint Etienne le Molard Loire), open to visitors. It is the place ...


eglise-saint-martin ambierle

Église Saint-Martin

Church of Saint Martin in Ambierle in the department of the Loire, is the former chapel of a monastery ...


primatiale-saint-jean lyon

Primatiale Saint-Jean

The Church of Saint-Jean-Baptiste and Saint Etienne, often called the Cathedral of Saint, is the cathedral of ...

LYON (69)

chateau-de-la-motte lyon

Château de La Motte

The castle of La Motte is located in the 7th arrondissement of Lyon, left bank, in the Rhone department. It ...

LYON (69)

chateau-de-la-batie-seyssel barby

Château de La Bâtie-Seyssel

The Castle Built-Seyssel stands on the town of Barby in the department of Savoie. From the beginning of the ...

BARBY (73)

cathedrale-saint-pierre moutiers

Cathédrale Saint-Pierre

The site occupied by the Cathedral of St. Pierre's Moûtiers had to accommodate a religious building ...


cathedrale-saint-pierre annecy

Cathédrale Saint-Pierre

Cathedral Saint-Pierre d'Annecy was originally a chapel belonging to the Franciscan convent. It was built ...


chateau-de-montrottier lovagny

Château de Montrottier

Despite the alterations, the castle retains the characteristics of medieval military architecture. In the XIII ...


pont-louis-xiii privas

Pont Louis XIII

The Pont Louis XIII (also called "Pont de l’Ouvèze"or "Pont des ...


chapelle-des-recollets privas

Chapelle des Récollets

Heiress of the ancient castle of the Lords of Privas, the Chapelle des Récollets is one of outstanding ...


maison-des-tetes valence

Maison des Têtes

The Maison des Têtes of Valence was built around 1530 by Antoine de Dorne, Consul rich and Law professor at ...


le-pendentif valence

Le Pendentif

The Pendentif of Valence is a funerary monument of Renaissance style built in 1548 in memory of Chanoine ...


notre-dame-de-la-salette la-salette-fallavaux

Notre-Dame de la Salette

Notre-Dame de la Salette is a unique site in France. Located at 5900 feet altitude, she is the second place of ...


abbaye-saint-antoine saint-antoine-l-abbaye

Abbaye Saint-Antoine

The village of Saint-Antoine l’Abbaye, located in the Isère Department, is remarkable for its ...


la-bastille grenoble

La Bastille

The Bastille is the name of a nineteenth-century 476 meters high fortress overlooking the ...


eglise-saint-francois-de-sales-d-annecy annecy

Eglise Saint-François de Sales d'Annecy

The building of baroque style, has a simple interior decorated with beautiful altarpieces dating from the ...


chateau-d-annecy annecy

Château d'Annecy

Listed building, the castle of Annecy dominates the historic town. The architecture of the castle is composed ...


chateau-des-ducs-de-savoie chambery

Chateau des Ducs de Savoie

Built in the eleventh century, the castle was the first residence of the house of Savoy from 1295 to 1563. ...


cathedrale-saint-francois-de-sales chambery

Cathédrale Saint-François de sales

Built in the fifteenth century for the Franciscan order, the chapel became a cathedral in 1779 to mark the ...


la-maison-penchee modane

La Maison Penchée

The Leaning House was built in 1939 on a powder keg of stone. Its was connected to the Mont Cenis Tunnel. The ...


palais-ideal-du-facteur-cheval hauterives

Palais idéal du facteur Cheval

The Postman Cheval's Palace situated in the Drome is a building that we need to Ferdinand Cheval. One day ...


chateau-de-grignan grignan

Château de Grignan

The Château de Grignan dominates the town of Grignan. Located in the department of Drôme, this ...


chateau-de-sassenage sassenage

Château de Sassenage

Castle Sassenage built between 1662 and 1669 by the famous family-Sassenage Beranger, is a magnificent example ...


abbaye-notre-dame-de-valcroissant die

Abbaye Notre-Dame de Valcroissant

The Abbey of Our Lady of Valcroissant is a Cistercian abbey of the twelfth century.Unusual to discover an ...

DIE (26)

l-eglise-saint-pierre tulette

L'Eglise Saint-Pierre

Almost hidden in a small alley, crouching against the rampart which served as protection, St. Peter's ...


notre-dame-du-roure tulette

Notre Dame du Roure

Notre Dame du Roure. Destroyed by the revolutionaries in 1794, the reconstruction will be completed in 1835.


les-grottes-de-la-balme la-balme-les-grottes


Welcome at the Caves of La Balme !  Rare and exceptional natural site, the Caves of La Balme offer an ...


basilique-notre-dame-de-fourviere lyon

Basilique Notre-Dame de Fourvière

The Notre-Dame de Fourvière, which dominates much of Lyon from the top of the Fourvière hill is ...

LYON (69)

le-palais-des-eveques bourg-saint-andeol

Le Palais des Evêques

Medieval fortress, the Palace of Bishops was built on the rock Saint-Michel. This monument became the private ...


le-chateau-des-roure labastide-de-virac

Le château des Roure

Known through the wars of religion, Roure Castle was built between the fourteenth and fifteenth centuries. ...


le-pavillon-des-quatre-vents villefontaine

Le Pavillon des Quatre Vents

The Pavillon des Quatre vents, which has been awarded the "Patrimoine en Isère" label, was ...


l-ecomusee-du-nord-dauphine villefontaine

L'Ecomusée du Nord-Dauphiné

Nord-Dauphiné Ecomuseum is dedicated to the museography and living culture of its surroundings. ...


chateau-de-banne banne

Château de Banne

This ancient castrum was, in the 11th century, the property of the de Châteauneuf family, then of the ...

BANNE (07)

le-chateau-des-roure labastide-de-virac

Le Château des Roure

In the heart of the Gorges de l'Ardèche, experience an exceptional adventure in this fortress, and ...