Chapelle des Récollets

Heiress of the ancient castle of the Lords of Privas, the Chapelle des Récollets is one of outstanding monuments of the history of Privas. Behind the Chapelle des Récollets, the “jardin des Récollets”, "the former priest's garden" offers peace and serenity to visitors. The Chapelle des Récollets, classical style with a Baroque interior, was built between 1684 and 1692, during Louis XIV reign. The baroque bell lantern, has a stone Jesuit dome cap, symbol of the Catholic domination at the time. From “Chapelle des religieux de l‘ordre des Récollets” in the seventeenth century, it became the Criminal Court and Temple of Reason during the Revolution, armory, to become again a religious building from 1822. The Chapelle des Récollets has not been used since 1966. A large collection of religious art of the nineteenth century is stored inside since 1980, a tapestry of Aubusson and several large paintings. It is expected to become again a lively place with concerts and exhibitions.

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