Église Saint-Pierre de Sauveplantade

Romanesque Priory Church of the eleventh century, a Latin cross, she has three apses arched ass oven. It was part of a former Benedictine priory now disappeared. It was built on the site of an early church Angenius given by the seventh century, which itself replaced a pagan place of worship dedicated to Jupiter. This church has suffered little of the religious wars. It was little changed: in 1810, drilling of the door now replaces the old Romanesque door and raising the Romanesque bell tower topped by a huge statue of a saint crushing all and which was abolished in 1965 by MH during the restoration of the church. On each of the four faces of the first floor of the tower, twin bays separated by a column. At the entrance of the church are a column dedicated "to the divine Aurelian" and a monument dedicated to "Jupiter". The two-bay nave is barrel vaulted, it is lit by narrow Romanesque windows. In the nave are two columns surmounted by capitals trapezoidal, with rosettes at six or eight branches, primitive sculptures Visigothic style, before the present church and perhaps from the early church Merovingian seventh century. The tower which you see the support pillars located at the crossroads of the choir from the nave and transept, above a dome on wrong. In the central apse behind the altar is placed a cross decorated with instruments of passion. In the left apse, the statue of the Virgin Mary crushing the snake and St. Bernadette face a former altar bearing the statue of St. Peter. The apse of the right houses an altar table Romanesque twelfth century, whose side is adorned with palms and foliage carved beveled size, style persistence of Visigoths in the Romanesque period. Above the statue of Saint John the Baptist. Opposite a credenza where arisen St. Anthony of Padua and St. Teresa of each side of a crucifix, the whole is surmounted by a statue of St. Roch. One can also see the tomb of Vogue. Near the entrance, a font is installed on an old milestone probably from the Roman way of Antoninus Pius who was passing near Nimes and Barjac to connect with Alba. An ancient cross, metalwork, called "Cross Crusaders," is on the left wall of the nave. According to an old tradition linked to the cult of St. Peter, the church has a key, called "Key to the Rage," which were applied, after red-hot, on dogs or infected cattle. She has acquired a miraculous virtue of the fact of incorporation, upon being forged, fragments of metal filings collected from the chains of St. Pierre. At the back of the church may be an array of nineteenth and naive bill represents St. Peter with the key, the book and the rooster. The baptismal font from the original church from the seventh century.

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