Pont Louis XIII

The Pont Louis XIII (also called "Pont de l’Ouvèze"or "Pont des Chauchières") was one of the sites of Privas siege during the wars of religion. It is one of the symbolic monuments of Privas. The Pont Louis XIII date from the 12th century and is thus the oldest witness of the history of Privas. However, the bridge was repaired by King Louis XIII after the fighting of Privas siege in 1629 which explains why it is still well preserved nowadays. The Pont Louis XIII stands on the Ouveze river which already provides here a foretaste of the Ardèche rivers.

Only access to the city, the Pont Louis XIII connects the Montagne Ardéchoise to Baix. You can stroll in the surroundings of the bridge where some streets have retained a picturesque charm with stone houses and old barns in slate roof, the remains of the old “quartier des Tanneurs”.

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