Château de Grignan

The Château de Grignan dominates the town of Grignan. Located in the department of Drôme, this building is built on a rock. Built in the 12th century. From the 13th, it was converted into a fortress, then a luxury residence in the 17th century.

Unfortunately the present castle that visitors can admire is not the original one because it was destroyed in 1793. It was Madame Fontaine, who organized an identical reconstruction in the early 20th century.

During the visit, one must admire the courtyard and the façade François 1st. These elements reflect beautifully the Renaissance. The view from the terraces and gardens is impressive and the visitor a beautiful view of the region.

Inside the castle was restored, so that you can see furniture reminding of ancient times. Regularly in July and August are held nightly performances reviving the splendor and ambiance of the 17th century.

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