L'Eglise Saint-Pierre

Almost hidden in a small alley, crouching against the rampart which served as protection, St. Peter's Church was destroyed, with the exception of the choir and its western facade, during the Wars of Religion. The north wall has served as a bulwark (trademarks hack and musket balls) south of the church are the monastic buildings (convent). The building extends its western facade housed an attic upstairs and cellar on the ground floor, cellar where we celebrated Mass after the church was destroyed in 1568.
The prior's house and the sexton was located in the south wing. To the east, high wall with a portal allowing access to the courtyard of the Priory. In this court, the flying buttress ogival supports the stairs which gave access to the attic and fortifications. It should also to the monks of Cluny digging a béal (1281), which allowed to bring water to Aygues Tulette.

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