Cathédrale Saint-François de sales

Built in the fifteenth century for the Franciscan order, the chapel became a cathedral in 1779 to mark the founding of the diocese of Chambéry. Its exterior architecture is rather massive, although the cathedral is not very high.

In fact, the marshy nature of the site did not allow building too high. The Cathedral of St. Francis de Sales Chambery is also unique because there is no transept. Its interior dates from the nineteenth century is the most comprehensive set of trompe l'oeil in Europe. Duke Charles Felix of Savoy brought artists from 1810 to 1840 in order to achieve large murals. Fabrizio Seves painted the choir of the cathedral and Casimir Vicario painted the walls and vaults ds a Gothic style. In 1885, Bernard Sciolla canonical painted the chapel.

The cathedral also has an organ which was built in 1847 by an Alsatian organ builder, classified as historical monuments. Other treasures to be discovered, such as enamel pyx thirteenth, a polychrome wooden nativity from the fifteenth century and an ivory diptych of the twelfth century the Byzantine style.

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