Château de La Bâtie-Seyssel

The Castle Built-Seyssel stands on the town of Barby in the department of Savoie. From the beginning of the feudal era, it is in the hands of the family Seyssel. In the thirteenth century, the death of Humbert III, the youngest, inherits Hugh, the elder receiving the fortress of Aix.

On the death of the last representative of the younger branch, in 1517, the castle of La Built returns to the Lords of Aix. Upon the death of Maurice Seyssel, Marquis d'Aix and the House, May 14, 1660, for trial, the stronghold of the Built is attributed to Jacques d'Allinges, who sold it in 1679 to Francis of Oncieu. This family will have their lands The Built, erected in 1699 in marquisate.

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