Maison des Têtes

The Maison des Têtes of Valence was built around 1530 by Antoine de Dorne, Consul rich and Law professor at the University of Valence. It owes its name to the presence of many carved heads that adorn its facade. Considered as “Monument Historique” since 1944, the Maison des Têtes is the most photographed monument in the city of Valence. The Maison des Têtes of Valence, situated at 57 Grande Rue, is a jewel of architecture of the early sixteenth century. This old mansion now houses the headquarters of the municipal service "Valence City of Art and History" where you can find postcards, books and brochures about the city of Valence, its development and its architecture. The Maison des Têtes marks the transition from late Gothic to the Renaissance style. Sculptures symbolize the winds, Fortune, Time, Theology, Law or Medicine. You can also admire the corridor decorated with busts of Roman emperors and in the courtyard there is a beautiful Gothic door, housed under a vaulted gallery of warheads...

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