Tourism Valence

Valencia is the capital of the Drôme in the Rhône-Alpes. This city of art and history is a sunny, vibrant and welcoming nicknamed "the south gate of France."

Valencia has a rich built heritage due to an intense story, enhanced by the sun.

In the old Valencia, within walking distance of many famous monuments of the past history await visitors: for example, the pendant, inspired renaissance monument, the Italian theater, symbol of 19th century architecture , or the different houses: the house of the 12th century draper, home of the practice, dating from the 15th, or the Moorish house, with flavors of the East which was built in the 19th century.

You can make many walks in Valencia, among others on the boulevards of Valencia who take the route of the ancient walls, or along the canals of Valencia.

Valencia is one of the few cities that have obtained four flowers in the competition of cities and villages in bloom. These parks make it the perfect place for relaxation and family walks.

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Sights in Valence

  • The house of heads
  • The pendant
  • Le Kiosque Peynet
  • La maison de la Pra
  • La Maison du Drapier
  • Covered market
  • Italian style theatre
  • Clercs’ square
  • ‘Côtes’
  • ‘Champs de Mars’ 
  • Saint Apollinaire Cathedrale
  • Hôtel Dupré la Tour 
  • Valence-Ville train station 
  •  Park Jouvet
  • Museum of fine art
  • Canals
  • Monument fountain

Walking ideas in drôme

Walking ideas to discover the treasures of a country and its history, on the road of drôme landscape secrets

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Valence, town of history and culture

Valence's ideal geographical situation makes it a perfect centre for touristic activities on both sides of the river rhône : the vivarais and the cévennes on the west bank and the royans region, the vercors and the drôme valley on the east bank.

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The drome

This tour offers you to discover the Drome its villages, one hundred are listed as the most beautiful villages of France

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A important gateway to ardèche : pays de crussol

Within a preserved and protected natural framework, profit very l'année from all the advantages of the city, with splendid sites, landscapes which knew to remain wild and a remarkable quality of life. in the valley of the rhone, ardeche opens its doors t

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