Abbaye Saint-Antoine

The village of Saint-Antoine l’Abbaye, located in the Isère Department, is remarkable for its majestic abbey church, a jewel of the Gothic century.

Regarded as one of the most remarkable examples of Gothic architecture in France (built between the XII and XV centuries), the abbey church was designated as a historic monument in 1840. The Abbey responds to the architectural features of its time. A lot of pilgrimage was made by the churche in the Middle Ages. The high-rise of the Catholic faith during the Middle Ages, give to the abbey of St. Anthony a divine place of prayer. It's also known for his architectural magnificence, his buildings and his religious hospitals. Saint-Antoine l'Abbaye is located on the road to Saint Jacques de Compostela. The church welcomes every year many pilgrims, but also patients are coming to touch the relics of St. Anthony whit the highest hope of been cured.

The 70 rooms of the abbey are classified as the largest collection of frescoes of the fourteenth century. It's the the second shrine of France church. It's a perfect example of gothic architecture. The church has a lot of glass windows providing plenty of light. They size over 165 feet. Saint-Antoine l'Abbaye is a perfectly reflects of the Gothic trends. You can also explore the impressive collection of art from the Antonins, a tangible signs of a wealthy past, called in French Le Trésor.

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