Grottes de Choranche

In the heart of the Vercors Mountains, between Grenoble and Valence, the Grottes de Choranche, who lay at the bottom of a 984 feet high cliff, is a remarkable site in Europe, who has its own unique and preserved setting. It's also a possibility to discover a unbelievabel overlooking of the majestic gorges of the Bourne. The Grottes de Choranche invite all the visitors to enjoy a moment of relaxation and fun, in a trip back in time of 70 million years odl. Choranche caves were discovered by Oscar Descombaz around 1890, who was at the origin, one of the first topography of this vast underground network.

The Grottes de Chanche invite the visitors to discover a unique cavity where stalactites and real crystal limestone straws are shaped in the roc. You will also be amazed by the green hues of turquoise underground lakes. Over the years, 18 miles of galleries have been explored. The path of Earth Sciences will make you live an extraordinary adventure. During your visit, your eyes will also meet a life form from elsewhere, the Proteus. The Grottes de Choranche will awaken your explorer spirit and will propel you into another dimension during a trip, full of emotions and sensations.

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