Museums in Isère

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List of museums in Isère

musee-jadis-allevard allevard

Musée Jadis Allevard

Museum of Allevard is located in the town of ...
  • City : Allevard
maison-des-forges-et-moulins-de-pinsot allevard

Maison des Forges et Moulins de Pinsot

The House of "Forges" is a museum ...
  • City : Allevard
grottes-de-choranche choranche

Grottes de Choranche

In the heart of the Vercors Mountains, ...
  • City : Choranche
musee-stendhal grenoble

Musée Stendhal

Open to the public from September 15, 2012 on ...
  • City : Grenoble
musee-des-troupes-de-montagne grenoble

Musée des Troupes de montagne

Opened in October 2009, the Museum of ...
  • City : Grenoble
musee-dauphinois grenoble

Musée dauphinois

Housed in a seventeenth-century convent, this ...
  • City : Grenoble
la-magie-des-automates lans-en-vercors

La Magie des Automates

While on holiday in Lans en Vercors for the ...
  • City : Lans-en-vercors
caves-de-la-chartreuse voiron

Caves de la Chartreuse

Les Caves de la Chartreuse is Voiron in ...
  • City : Voiron

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