Caves de la Chartreuse

Les Caves de la Chartreuse is Voiron in Isere. These are the largest caves in the world devoted entirely to liquor production. The recipe is secret, and only the monks know it and produce it for nearly 400 years. It consists of about 130 plants and gives rise to the most famous liquors: the "elixir of life".

Nobody has yet managed to discover the secrets of the Carthusian monks despite modern techniques. This liquor is natural, herbal, no chemical additives. The original recipe comes and gives sweeter liqueurs such as Chartreuse "Green" and Chartreuse "Yellow" sweetened with honey.

The visit of the Caves de la Chartreuse of place in several parts and is free. The first part goes to the first floor with an exhibit on the history of the Charterhouse. The second part is a guided tour of the Caves de la Chartreuse. The tour continues in the cellar and distillery and ends with a tasting.

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