Abbaye Notre-Dame d'Ambronay

The Abbey of Our Lady of Ambronay was built in the eighth century by an officer of Charlemagne, Saint Bernard. This monument is located in the center of the village Ambronay. At the beginning, the Abbey was subject only to the Vatican and thus enjoyed considerable freedom. Count of Savoy took the abbey under his control from 1282. At the time of the French Revolution, it will be transformed into a temple of reason (temple to honor a newly created religion in this period was to have superseded Christianity) before a new church. Successively, the various parts of the abbey were used to serve a variety of activities, and were held in storage, place of confinement, linker education, housing, etc..

The architecture of this building is Gothic and its various components are from the tenth, thirteenth and fifteenth century. In 1889, the abbey is classified by historical monuments, which allowed including the restoration of the church and cloister. Since 1980, the Abbey hosts the Festival of Ambronay. Thus, visitors can hear baroque music to the months of September and October, sublimated by the acoustic qualities made ??possible by the construction of the monument.

Since 2003, she became a cultural center for meetings, which holds concerts, conferences and exhibitions.

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