Monuments in Midi-Pyrénées

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Monuments en Midi-Pyrénées

basilique-notre-dame-du-rosaire lourdes

Basilique Notre-Dame du Rosaire

The Basilica of our Lady of the Rosary (French: Notre Dame du Rosaire de Lourdes) is a Roman Catholic church ...


abbaye-de-beaulieu-en-rouergue ginals

Abbaye de Beaulieu-en-Rouergue

The Beaulieu Abbey is a Cistercian abbey founded in 1144. The renovations carried out since 1960 have ...


chateau-d-assier assier

Château d'Assier

At the heart of the Lot, between Figeac and Rocamadour, the castle is located at Assier. It was built between ...


chateau-de-castelnau-bretenoux prudhomat

Château de Castelnau-Bretenoux

At 38 km from Rocamadour there is the castle of Castelnau-Bretenoux, this imposing building is erected on a ...


chateau-de-gramont gramont

Château de Gramont

Castle of Gramont is between Agen and Auch, beautiful house of the Renaissance, at the foot hills of Gascogne. ...


chateau-de-montal saint-jean-lespinasse

Château de Montal

The Castle of Montal regained all his works in the early twentieth century with the help of Maurice Fenaille. ...


site-archeologique-de-montmaurin montmaurin

Site archéologique de Montmaurin

The Gallo-Roman Villa of Montmaurin was discovered during excavations in 1946 by Georges Fouet. It was built ...


chateau-de-montreal-de-sos auzat

Château de Montréal-de-Sos

The Castle of Montréal-de-Sos is dating from XIII century and there are style some remains of the enclosure ...

AUZAT (09)

chateau-de-foix foix

Château de Foix

The castle of Foix is an outstanding and imposing fortress. It was built in the eleventh century and was ...

FOIX (09)

grotte-du-mas-d-azil le-mas-d-azil

Grotte du Mas-d'Azil

This shelter appears to have natural, over the ages, played an asylum and mainly during periods of turbulent ...


abbatiale-sainte-foy-de-conques conques

Abbatiale Sainte-Foy de Conques

The Abbey Sainte-Foy de Conques is an abbey founded by Father Dadon under the protection of Charlemagne ...


chateau-de-coupiac coupiac

Château de Coupiac

The tenth to the thirteenthn century, the castle will be the common possession of the Counts and the Bishop of ...


chateau-de-bonrepos bonrepos-riquet

Château de Bonrepos

Bonrepos Castle is located in France on the town of Bonrepos-Riquet, in the Haute-Garonne department and in ...


chateau-de-lareole lareole

Château de Laréole

Laréole Castle is a Renaissance castle dating from the sixteenth century in the canton of Cadours, ...


chateau-d-avezan avezan

Château d’Avezan

Avezan Castle, built in the thirteenth century, in the commune of Avezan (Gers), near Saint-Clar. The ...


eglise-saint-mamet peyrusse-grande

Église Saint-Mamet

The church of Saint Mamet is a former Cluniac priory located in the town of Grande Peyrusse in the Gers in ...


chateau-de-sainte-mere sainte-mere

Château de Sainte-Mère

The castle of Sainte-Mere is a castle-type "Gascon," built in the second half of the thirteenth ...


chateau-lagrezette caillac

Château Lagrézette

Castle of Grézette is a castle located in the town of Caillac. The Castle Lagrézette was built ...


eglise-notre-dame-du-puy figeac

Église Notre-Dame-du-Puy

The Church of Notre-Dame du Puy is a church located in the town of Figeac in the Lot and in the Midi-Pyrenees. ...


chateau-fort-de-lourdes lourdes

Château fort de Lourdes

Its origin dates back to Roman times, then he was besieged in 778 by Charlemagne and became the residence of ...


chateau-de-tramezaygues tramezaigues

Château de Tramezaygues

Tramezaygues Castle is a castle town since the twelfth century (restored in 1990), built on a rocky site at ...


palais-de-la-berbie albi

Palais de la Berbie

Palace Berbie, come from the name Bisbia which means bishop, is the imposing fortress that has experienced ...

ALBI (81)

chateaux-de-bruniquel bruniquel

Châteaux de Bruniquel

Legend said that is the Merovingian queen Brunehilde, who built the first castle in the sixth century. ...


chateau-d-estaing estaing

Château d'Estaing

Remains of the illustrious family d'Estaing gave the history of Rouergue in France and that many people, ...


viaduc-de-millau millau

Viaduc de Millau

The Millau Viaduct is certainly the bridge of every records. He is the tallest bridge in the world with a ...


abbatiale-saint-volusien foix

Abbatiale Saint-Volusien

Built around 860, the Abbatiale Saint-Volusien was a privileged place for political and religious life of ...

FOIX (09)

pont-vieux montauban

Pont Vieux

It was intended from the 1144 charter of the foundation of the city to build a strong bridge that could ...


cathedrale-sainte-cecile albi

Cathédrale Sainte-Cécile

Sainte-Cécile cathedral is the biggest red brick church in the world and is an example of Southern ...

ALBI (81)

basilique-saint-sernin toulouse

Basilique Saint-Sernin

Built in pink bricks and white stones, in the eleventh century, Saint-Sernin's Basilica is a masterpiece ...


capitole-de-toulouse toulouse

Capitole de Toulouse

The Capitol houses the city hall of Toulouse and the Capitol Theatre. Built from 1190, the building has ...


chateau-du-bousquet laguiole

Chateau du Bousquet

Beautiful medieval fortress, the castle of the Bousquet is located 5 km from Laguiole. Built in the fourteenth ...


le-pont-d-espagne cauterets

Le pont d'Espagne

The Bridge of Spain is a beautiful building located not far from Cauterets to a height of 1500 meters. ...


grotte-de-lombrives ussat

Grotte de Lombrives

The Lombrives cave located in the department of Ariege is the largest cave in France. This site is listed in ...

USSAT (09)

grotte-de-niaux niaux

Grotte de Niaux

Located in the village of Niaux, the Niaux cave is unique and well known in Europe. This is one of the few ...

NIAUX (09)

la-basilique-saint-just-de-valcabrere valcabrere

La Basilique Saint-Just de Valcabrère

Located away from the city, the basilica offers a magical setting. The portal provides access to the church is ...


le-chateau-de-najac najac

Le château de Najac

Najac Castle was built in 1253 on the foundations of an ancient castle, builded in 1100. It is a castle made ...

NAJAC (12)

le-chateau-de-calmont-d-olt espalion

Le château de Calmont d'Olt

Nestled on a basaltic dyke at 535 meters, the castle Calmont d'Olt lies Espalion. This historical ...


le-chateau-de-vezins-de-levezou vezins-de-levezou

Le château de Vézins-de-Lévézou

The Castle Vézins-de-Lévézou built in the twelfth century. These are the families and ...


le-chateau-de-castelnau-pegayrolles castelnau-pegayrols

Le château de Castelnau-Pegayrolles

The castle of Castelnau-Pegayrolle, one of the oldest fortesses of Rouergue overlooks the majestic Parc ...


le-chateau-de-garderes garderes

Le château de Gardères

Forgotten, abandoned the castle of Gardères saw a renaissance, thanks to the help of his friends and ...


la-maison-natale-du-marechal-foch tarbes

La maison natale du Maréchal Foch

The birthplace of Marshal Foch, located in the heart of Tarbes is the house where grew during the first 12 ...


le-chateau-de-mauvezin mauvezin

Le château de Mauvezin

The castle is mentioned for the first time in a text in 1083. These are the Counts of Bigorre which ...


les-grottes-de-medous aste

Les Grottes de Médous

On August 8th, 1948, three cavers in the area discovered the caves Médous after trying to find the ...

ASTE (65)

la-maison-paternelle-sainte-bernadette lourdes

La Maison Paternelle Sainte-Bernadette

Bishop of Tarbes gave to Bernadette Soubirous' father. The latter lived in this house from 1858 to 1860. ...


le-cachot lourdes

Le Cachot

The dungeon is located in the rue des Petits Fosses, the bottom of a former prison Lourdes. It is in this room ...


pont-valentre cahors

Pont Valentré

The first stone bridge was laid in 1308. Completed in 1378, this 138 meters long bridge is in its infancy as a ...


cathedrale-saint-etienne-de-cahors cahors

Cathédrale Saint-Etienne de Cahors

Built between the XI and XII centuries, the Saint-Etienne Cathedral Cahors was rebuilt in the thirteenth and ...


abbaye-benedictine-de-saint-sever-de-rustan rabastens-de-bigorre

Abbaye bénédictine de Saint Sever de Rustan

The Abbey was founded around the year 800 by the Benedictines on the banks of the Arros . It will promote the ...


chateau-de-soum lourdes

Château de Soum

In 1791, there was only one Justice of the Peace for the whole canton of Lourdes. Previously, in 1790, the ...


eglise-du-sacree-coeur lourdes

Eglise du Sacrée Coeur

After the Apparitions of 1858, the parish priest Peyramale decided to build a new parish church, larger than ...


la-tour-de-garnavie lourdes

La Tour de Garnavie

Remains of the fortifications protecting Lourdes in the Middle Ages: the Garnavie Tower and the Fortified ...