Grotte de Niaux

Located in the village of Niaux, the Niaux cave is unique and well known in Europe.

This is one of the few painted caves that is still accessible to the public. Tourists will plunge into a vast and magical world. This cave is very large and reached three kilometers. The exploration is done by flashlight so as not to damage the paintings.

After 800 meters, visitors can admire the centerpiece of the cave: the Living Black. It is in this vast space that lies panels mysterious signs but also many animal figures: one can see bison, horses, goats and deer frolicking on the walls.

The Niaux cave contains other secrets, such as engravings on floors in a gallery accessible to the public. So fragile and rare, everything is done to preserve them. However, in order not to hide his magnificent engravings, they were reproduced in the Park of Prehistory, whose visit may complement that of the Niaux cave.

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