Grotte de Lombrives

The Lombrives cave located in the department of Ariege is the largest cave in France. This site is listed in Guinness Book of Records for 26 years! Tourists will discover an environment without putting in sound and light but will be seized by the beauty of paint, chasms and concretions that are there. The Lombrives cave is so vast that many benefits are possible visit. Visitors can watch performances, do different courses, and even make a 7 ??hour hike! The cave consists of a set of over 200 small caves that extend over 39 km! One of the most attractive are the concretions, as one called the Mammoth! The walls are of different colors depending on galleries and form a true artistic decor. More than 30 themed tours are possible as the Lombrives cave is vast! These tours cover a variety of disciplines such as geology, ecology, prehistory or mythology or on areas such as water, life, rocks, ... Whatever the route chosen, the visit of this cave is a true spectacle!

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