Château d’Avezan

Avezan Castle, built in the thirteenth century, in the commune of Avezan (Gers), near Saint-Clar. The castle was a possession of the Viscounts of Lomagne. In 1285, it passed through donation of Otho, and Viscount Lomagne Auvillar in the hands of Sancho Garcia Manas (Manas or Without Raymond). The Viscounts Lomagne are placed on the side of the English in the incessant conflicts that oppose them to the French, hoping to see preserve their independence vis-à-vis the French royal. The castle was bought in 1651 by Alexander Larroquan who had built the west front, and his brother, Jacques de Larroquan, who takes possession. Brigadier and arms of the king, he enjoys their confidence as that of Richelieu, and is probably due to that the tower is dismantled Avezan like many others at that time. In the eighteenth century, the castle passed successively into the hands of several families who lose interest and leave him to retire. During the Revolution, it was bought by tenants and then abandoned. It was bought in 1972 by Patrice Cournot who undertook and completed the restoration.

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