Abbaye bénédictine de Saint Sever de Rustan

The Abbey was founded around the year 800 by the Benedictines on the banks of the Arros . It will promote the birth of a fortified town which quickly became the capital of Rustan .


Witness a rich past, it was repeatedly devastated and rebuilt several times . Middle Ages, the Benedictine Abbey of St. Sever de Rustan particular retains its beautiful Romanesque portal but especially in the eighteenth century that the changes are more numerous body sumptuous building, equipped sacristy woodwork Louis XV , Baroque very present ... the 18th century was the heyday, we speak of " Petit Versailles Gascogne" . Different architectural contributions over the centuries today is a patchwork and reading stones is a dive into the history of Bigorre .


The abbey was built on the plans of the Benedictine order : a large façade flanked by two wings with a central front pediment decorated with a beautiful body. The ground floor is pierced by high arched windows and all with or without covered floor mansard roofs . Many cultural and artistic events will take place.

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