Musée de la Déportation et de la résistance

Remarkable for its original brick and stone façade, the Museum of Deportation and Resistance of the city of Tarbes allows, through its collections, to understand the resistance networks of the Hautes-Pyrénées and places Tarbes at the centre of this system.

A duty of remembrance, but also a duty of vigilance and citizenship so that future generations never have to go through this again,

It is the whole local history of the Resistance that the museum deals with:

that of the prisoners of war, escapees, deportees, internees, the Bigorre Regiment, smugglers in the Pyrenees, Resistance fighters like the Corps Franc Pommiès, very active in the South-West.

Tarbes was a major centre of the Resistance and was awarded the Croix de Guerre.


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