Le château de Mauvezin

The castle is mentioned for the first time in a text in 1083. These are the Counts of Bigorre which constuirent the castle. Rebuilt by Gaston Phoebus in the fourteenth century, it will fall into disuse after the annexation of the Kingdom of Bigorre France in 1607. Gradually, the building was dismantled.

Become national property during the Revolution of 1789, it became the property of the town of Mauvezin. In the nineteenth century, Achille Jubinal, started the Hautes-Pyrénées, bought to restore. Without starting work, his heirs sold in 1906 and Albin Bibal Mayor and General Counsel Masseube, begins work. He gives, March 28, 1907, at the Escola Gaston Phoebus.

Today, the castle is still being restored. It houses the historical museum and folk Béarn and Bigorre.

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