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Lannemezan is located at a crossroads between sea and mountain, and thus represents a crossing point impossible to circumvent. The city has 4 hotels, which have a capacity of reception of 104 rooms (67 classified 2 stars, 37 classified 1 star).

A tour of Lannemezan city


The city center: built around City Hall and the Church of St. Jean Baptiste

Recently renovated, the new Place of Human Rights and Citizen headquarters where the tourist office is a place of entertainment and events in the city. Thiers Street, main street, is the most commercial of the town and has the entrance to the mall Paul Bert, where is the room of the Renewal of the Plateau. Similarly, instead of the Post, allows a pleasant rest with its two fountains and flower beds.

Two places of worship are found in the city:

The Church of St. John the Baptist is a Gothic church with Romanesque nave extended (nineteenth century), apse (fifteenth century), portal (thirteenth century) (listed building), historiated steeple (nineteenth century) unfinished altarpiece.

  • Address: Rue de Strasbourg - 65300 Lannemezan

The Chapel of Bourtoulets

  • Address: Boulevard des Tilleuls - 65 300 Lannemezan

Barbé's Castle, not far from the center

The castle Barbé, near the Canal de la Neste, was built in 1860 by French writer and journalist Benjamin Barber. Politically engaged, he distinguished himself by participating in the revolution of February 1848 and signed the proclamation of the Republican Central Committee elections of Eure-et-Loir, as a candidate for deputy.

He also contributed to The Press of Emile de Girardin and provide the secretariat for drafting the Universal Dictionary of Maurice Lachâtre. It publishes the Hall of the library's first two books: in 1858, Musaeus, Hero and Leander.

After the 1870 war and the Commune, he ran in 1872 as a Bonapartist candidate to the General Council. Today the castle hosts Barbe travelers and tourists in an exceptional natural site near the Pyrenees.

  • Address: a place called Puzo Pelat - 65 300 Lannemezan


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Civilian heritage in Lannemezan


In order to relax and enjoy the natural heritage of Lannemezan, two spaces are available.

Park Recreation Half Moon

Park Recreation Half Moon consists of eighteen acres bordered by forest flowing canals derived from the Gers Pic du Midi de Bigorre in range of looks. Designed as a kingdom for children, it also allows a great moment of relaxation for adults.

Many fun activities punctuate the days spent at the park so you can make the pedal boat or a buffer in terms of the water, the little ones can try "babybob" thrills safely!

The park consists of a large central lake, many games (mini-golf, paddle boats ...), large green areas where there are several species of exotic animals, as well as many statues and figurines which tells the tales of Perrault. The park attracts over 150,000 visitors.

  • Address: Rue du Docteur Ueberschalag - 65 300 Lannemezan

The Bois de la Plantade

The Bois de la Plantade located at a place called the healer, an area of ??eight hectares, long abandoned now lives again thanks to a major rehabilitation program conducted between 2004 and 2006 by the City with the assistance of NFB and Fisherman's platter Lannemezan.

  • Address: rue des resistant - 65 300 Lannemezan

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