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DepartureMAUBOURGUET (65)

Maubourguet is located in the department of the Hautes-Pyrénées and the Midi-Pyrenees area. Commune located in Bigorre in the country of River-Low on the Adour

Maubourguet, a single vacation resort


 Country of the Valley of Adour is located at the North of the department of the Hautes-Pyrénées. Its geographical position places it between Gers and the Pyrenees Atlantiques, which offers an ideal position to the holiday makers who will have that the embarrassment of the choice enters the mountains, the beaches of The Atlantic and serenity suitable for a stay releasing in full nature.
The soil is authentic here because it knew to preserve with the passing of years a strong identity inherited the long story of the village and its area. Green plains, the courses of the limpid water which gathers in love ones with the fishing, estival festivals around the bullfighting without forgetting the Meetings of Maubourguet which brings together artists and sportsmen, all here is the invitation with the relaxation or, for most courageous, with an sports activity on the ways of Compostelle or the banks of Adour.

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A small picturesque inheritance in Maubourguet


Don Quichotte, in our beautiful country, would have had great difficulty in front of all our giants who brew wind and of l' water. The mills in the neighbourhoods of Maubourguet indeed testify to a knowledge to make and d' a long story. The great majority of these mills are hydraulic and have each one their history: treatment of the textile, minis power station and many other uses. You will be able to discover of them some which knew to be developed by local associations which put all their energy in the vestiges of a lifestyle not so remote. If the heart said to you, you will be able to place even there; all comfort being joined together inside the “molinos gigantes”

True identity elements, the arenas of Maubourguet attest traditions drawn near their Spanish neighbors. The festivals taurines indeed became with the wire of time an event impossible to circumvent of Maubourguet.

Maubourguet knew to preserve a very picturesque seal which will not escape to you if you stroll in the village; thus will be able you to admire a small jewel of the Romanesque art: built in XIst century the church Saint Martin is a model of the genre. This very visited church and well d' others in the surroundings, deserve a turning.

You cannot speak about the built inheritance of Maubourguet without speaking about his principal material which is the roller. Coming from our Pyrenees, it crossed the time and the many rivers to appear such as we know it aujourd' today. Worked and worked by water of Adour, it has been impossible to circumvent on the majority of the constructions built for these last five centuries. You generally sees it on the hurdy-gurdies masonries, full of the charm with their corbelling and their construction in projections, filled with lime.

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Bulls and Maubourguet


They are " novilladas" , without horses, or the " becerradas" without setting with death, Maubourguet is registered in a long tradition taurine which goes back to the 19th century. Around the festivities of July 18 and the 23 and August 24, dates on which you will be able to admire bullfights and races landaises, you will be able to also benefit from thr environment and of the local specialities, to test without moderation. The festivals taurines of Maubourguet, this is before a a whole date impossible to circumvent in the estival calendar of the Hautes-Pyrénées, still is necessary it to like very festive environments! Then do not hesitate, we give you appointment in Bouscarret, our local arenas.

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Hikes in Maubourguet


The edges of Adour and of Echez, the two courses crossing Maubourguet, offer an ideal framework for ballades that they are romantic or or more sporting. You can try a traditional approach but why not try the camel! This is not a joke even if the camel can appear somewhat exotic in our regions. The Houses of the Camels with Castelnau Basse River offers a real expatriation to you.

The ballades in fact are multiple, the Maquis of Sombrun (called thus because of the resistant ones which had made their general headquarter of it during the Second world war) until the visit of the churches, castles and local curiosities which will also make you discover panoramic Pyrenean without equivalent.

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