Église Saint-Mamet

The church of Saint Mamet is a former Cluniac priory located in the town of Grande Peyrusse in the Gers in Midi-Pyrenees. The construction of this Priory is corresponding at the time when the Abbey of Cluny organized paths of the pilgrimage of Saint Jacques de Compostela. There are no other documents who trace the origins of this church. Architecture may be able to date it by comparing it to existing churches better documented. The church of the eleventh century was to include the current head with its chorus and its two chapels parallel. These should be connected to a non-protruding transept on which came the nave placed in alignment with the chorus of which nothing remains today as the pillars. The Romanesque walls of the nave were demolished when it was decided to create the collateral. The architecture of these aisles can show that the South was created by taking over building walls of the old priory. One located on the north side was built after the wars of religion in the sixteenth century or seventeenth century century. The Romanesque transept was extended by a chapel on the north side and south side by the vestry. One of the northern foothills of the chapel is dated 1759. The covering of the nave was rebuilt in 1883 by a false ceiling plaster to replace paneling. The transept is covered, the right of each and every chapel choir, three ovoid domes dating from 1884, replacing a structure.

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