Château Lagrézette

Castle of Grézette is a castle located in the town of Caillac. The Castle Lagrézette was built in the sixteenth century by Pierre de Massault with is brother, Gilibert, who was archdeacon of Cahors. It is their father, Adhemar, who gave the name to the castle. He had hoped to construct the building on "small Grèze" which dominates the Lot in their property. At the death of his father it's Marguerite de Massault who inherited the castle. She married Peter Maffre in 1503. The castle was later owned by families Malegat, Lebrun, Belcastel, Malartic, Ambert. Thus, Joachim Jean-Jacques Marie Ambert said Jules Alexander, General Baron d'Ambert, born February 8, 1804 died there March 31, 1890. The castle is then up to Julius Duverger, a wholesaler of Cahors, a leading organizer of trade with Asia. The castle remains in his hands until the war of 1914-1918. Count Jean-Roger Alexander - said Axel Bard (descendant of the family of Leroy Bard) - then, until 1934, the castle's owner. It is then resold to Mrs. Roux-Marce, and the Knight family in the years 39-40. In 1980 he was bought by Alain-Dominique Perrin, CEO of Cartier at the time, then a historical monument in 1982.

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