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DetailsDiscover the department of the batch and its tourist with a rich inheritance cultural and landscape and various places.

Discover Cahors


The roughness with which the princes of all times disputed its possession in said long: of the Roman Jules César or frank Théodebert with king de Navarre Henri IV while passing by the English claims of Richard Lion Heart, later of Prince Noir...

With the centre even of the city the conflict lasts for ever between bishops, consuls then seneshals to assume the capacity. And yet, at the time Gallo-Roman, Cahors will be a strong commercial place of the Empire. At the time medieval, it will be a strong money market of Christendom.

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Discover Bagnac-sur-Cele


The Midday-Pyrenees Area is vastest of France, and its relief can break up into three great sets: the south-west of the central Solid mass and the Causses which prolong it. The valley of the Garonne to Toulouse and the threshold of Lauragais. Lastly, Pyrenean reliefs and the plates which precede them. These sets are crossed by many rivers, affluents of the Garonne for the majority, which box in the grounds limestones or granitic reliefs. However, in the south-west of the Area, the rivers depend on the basin of Adour.

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Hôtel Terminus

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Discover the valley of Dordogne


Nested in the north of the Batch, crossed by the Dordogne, quoted like the most beautiful river of France, bordered, in the east, by the green slopes of the Low-Limousin, in the south, by the plates limestones of Causses, the Country of Haut-Quercy the Dordogne is a convivial land of welcome, where the man preserved all his place. Independently of an inheritance cultural and landscape rich and various, the visitor is conquered by serenity, calms it who release himself from an environment of which the eyes are not wearied. This Country profits from an exceptional situation within famous "the Earth of the Wonders" one discovers famous Rocamadour, Padirac, Martel and other sites with the doors of Périgord and Auvergne.

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Discover Saint-Cirq Lapopie


In the middle of the regional Natural reserve of Causses of Quercy, Saint-Cirq Lapopie and the valleys Batch-Célé drew this country whose magic beauty has of equal only the softness of living. The village of Saint-Cirq Lapopie, hung on a cliff overhanging the banks of nearly 100 meters one of the major sites of the valley of the Batch constitutes. Chief towns of the one of the four vicomtés of Quercy, Saint-Cirq Lapopie were divided with Middle Ages between four feudal dynasties, Lapopie, Gourdon, Cardaillac and Castelnau. So several castles and strong houses constituted the fort of Lapopie and dominated the village. Below the fort, the streets of the village, closed by strengthened doors, preserved many old houses whose frontages out of stone or wood sides date for the majority from XIIIe in XVIe century. Narrow, they are characterized by their tiled roofs punts, with strong slopes.

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Latronquière, capital of Segala


Latronquière is a rural village in the north of the department of the Batch and thus of the Midday-Pyrenees. It is the buttress of the Central Solid mass, characterized by a valloné relief and a very green landscape with wood very dense. Called Chestnut grove or also Ségala, this area is more charming. You will discover there small sinuous tourist roads in the middle of a nature the most preserved of. It is a convivial place of traditions where you will be able to find your roots, you ressourcer, and eat delicious régionnaux dishes! You will be able to also discover his Lake of Tolerme, the occasion to spend one pleasant moment in family.

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Le Mas de la Croux

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Le Village de Thegra

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Gourdon is the Capital of Bouriane, area of Quercy close to Périgord Noir. It is surrounded by prestigious places of interest and lays out itself of the most convincing attractions. Découvrez Gourdon, greedy treasures that this ground generates... you will see the passion of the well-food which still animates people from here.

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Camping des Grottes de Roffy

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Camping Le Tiradou

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