Circuit of the lot valley

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DepartureCAHORS (46)
DetailsFrom cahors, town to florence paces to figeac, old town where it is good to stroll, the valley of the lot will surprise you, at each turning of the river, or almost, by the discovery of a castle, a church, or a village.

Cahors, town of water, history and wine


Built on a peninsula, nested inside a meander of the Lot bordered of seven hills, the town of Cahors is the capital of its region."Alive and "florentine", it is a pleasant town for a stay, but also for a gastronomical halt famous in this country with its vineyard. The meander of the Lot gives all its charm in the town which can be discovered in boat or barge, while passing under the Valentré bridge... or wandering in its lanes and its malls. To see: The imposing cathedral St Etienne, the Romance gate the vault St Gausbert the Valentré Bridge, single bridge strengthened in the world with three turns.

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Small village nested in a cliff circus at the confluence of the Lot and cascades of the Vers. Beautiful Roman church Notre-Dame-de-Velles in the fields at the entrance of the village : old vault of mariniers, one of the best examples of the architecture of the 12th century in Haut-Quercy. Strange: take the direction of Cours to discover the vestiges of the Gallo-Roman aqueduct dug in the rock which brought in Cahors drinking water of the Vers on 33km.

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Saint-cirq Lapopie


"By discovering Saint Cirq Lapopie, I ceased wishing me elsewhere" Andre Breton Entirely classified Historic building, this famous place is of a rare surrealist and magic beauty. Suspended on the rock since the 8th century between the sky and Lot which runs at its bottom (80 meters of balance!), its situation made of it a stake during the One hundred year war. The impressive strengthened Gothic church dominates this unit.

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The castle is drawn up on a rock dominating the Lot of more than 70m. Reinforced during the One hundred year War and transformed into sumptuous residence during the Rebirth, it has a particular attraction: keep, gallery, frescos, cabinet of alchemy... Terraces of the castle, superb sight on the valley. Immediate surroundings : Dolmen of the farmhouse of Labat

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Cajarc is a town all in curves which is stretched along the Batch : the quays of the old port where the gabarres accosted from now on are dedicated to the boats and the boats of pleasure or sport. Attacked at several occasions during the one hundred year war, old significant town of Quercy, Cajarc still has, in spite of a disturbed history, an inheritance of medieval time and Rebirth houses. Its circular boulevard traced on the ruins of the ramparts and its church in the shape of stem to resist the risings give to this calm and smiling town a very particular charm.

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Hung at the sides of a high cliff, in front of strengthened cave, the castle has the picturesque charm of an illustration for fairy tale. Old houses, dovecote and church of the 19th century supplement this beautiful image harmoniously.

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On the banks of Célé, the second town of Lot is an old commercial town with exceptional medieval architecture. Its historical center was recently restored: this safeguarded sector presents from now on a patrimonial unit which deserved in 1990 the label of "town of Art and History". It is necessary to traverse the streets of the town to admire, each step: a great number of hotels and houses with their doors, windows and frontages remarkable: mint, Balène, Colomb, Viguier... the abbey St Saver, with his vault Notre-Dame House of Galiot de Genouillac the church Notre-Dame du Puy of Roman origin the old convent of the Carmelite friars

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