Basilique Saint-Sernin

Built in pink bricks and white stones, in the eleventh century, Saint-Sernin's Basilica is a masterpiece of the Romanesque art. The monument was created in order to preserve the relic of Saint-Saturnin, first bishop of Toulouse martyred in 250.

The "Romanesque" term was invented in the nineteenth century, it is used to describe the architecture of the Christian Western architecture from the eleventh to the twelfth century, characterized by its facades with varied sized and colorful stones. After the millennium, in response to epidemics and famine that had hit Europe, many churches and cathedrals were built out of fear of divine anger or gratitude for being spared. In a prosperous economic environment, architecture techniques are perfected. During this period appears the vault, where previously the church roof were covered with wooden roofs.

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