Musée du Vieux-Toulouse

Installed in a seventeenth century hotel, built by Antoine Dumay, doctor of Marguerite de Valois, the monument is housing the artistic and historic of Toulouse, patiently gathered early in the twentieth century by the "the people of Toulouse", who created it and are still managing it. Firstly, the museum has the ambition to present itself as a history book, telling the city story of Toulouse to the visitors with a rich iconography, works of art and objects who have been assembled over the past century. It is the only institution to own a large collections on these topics. the place invite you to travel over the past by letting your imagination wander with the objects presented.

Everyone will find, in the thematic route, an answer to his questions concerning the evolution of the cityscape (the ramparts, the civil and religious monuments still present or missing), the functioning of legal institutions, administrative and cultural, costumes and traditional folk activities in the region (crafts, life ...)

A museum where you feel good ... and where the visit is useful Visiting this museum provides the pleasure of discovering an unusual place and learn more about the city which has rich past. The museum aims are also to protect Toulouse country's heritage in all its forms.

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