Palais de la Berbie

Palace Berbie, come from the name Bisbia which means bishop, is the imposing fortress that has experienced various transformations over the centuries. There is undoubtedly an expression of spiritual and temporal power of bishops of Albi. The construction is motivated by the Bishop Durand of Beaucaire (1228/1254). The building is organized around a room which is adjacent to the feudal tower and to the west tower of Saint-Michel for the court and prison clergy. His successor, Bernard de Combret (1254-1271), accentuates the citadel by fortifying the old buildings. The bishop Bernard de Castanet (1277-1306) ordered the construction of a new cathedral, the Cathedral of St. Cecilia and strengthens the defensive side of the Palace. Mage tower needed huge dungeon fifty feet high, flanked at the four corners of turns three full. It is from the XVIIth century castle that it will be transformed in a residence: the fortifications will fall, opening a portal to the city on the shore Choiseul, galleries, spacious lounges, library, terraces will enhance the overall . A garden told the French dominated by a footpath instead of the walkway softens the citadel.

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