Châteaux de Bruniquel

Legend said that is the Merovingian queen Brunehilde, who built the first castle in the sixth century. Originally, Bruniquel castle was destined to watch the road valley, connecting the Quercy to the Albigeois. A village was formed around it and became a prosperous city by the testimony of the houses of notables. After the construction of this castle, a second was built high on the cliff, giving the entire name Castles Bruniquel. Indeed, the mid-fifteenth century, Viscount County Comminges, in a quarrel with his son, sells some of the area to a cousin who will build his own castle, the "castle young " or "castle Juba". Not until the late eighteenth century that the Viscount's "Old Castle"(or "castle Biel") bought the "castle young". Castles Bruniquel been a classification as historic monuments by the list of 1840. It began to be restored since 1987, when the acquisition of the castle by the municipality.

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