Château de Coupiac

The tenth to the thirteenthn century, the castle will be the common possession of the Counts and the Bishop of Rodez. In 1238, it passed into the hands of the Viscounts of Panat.

However, this family has other properties, including Castle Peyrebrune, their main residence, near Villefranche de Panat. The castle as we know it dates from the late fifteenth, when Louis Panat, comes to live there permanently.

He will rebuild the castle into a home more comfortable in a warmer climate and complete the construction of the enclosure of the village. The castle remained in the family Panat then Castelpers-Panat until the late eighteenth century. Izarn of Méjanelle, governor of Saint-Sernin, bought the castle in 1778 and undertook many changes to live inside.

He rebuilt the roof, dismantled the battlements, the battlements, the gallery, enlarged windows, built the facade XVIII. The castle was not destroyed during the Revolution, only shields have been hammered as the crest of the door.

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