Monuments in Poitou-Charentes

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Monuments en Poitou-Charentes

chateau-de-bressuire bressuire

Château de Bressuire

The current castle was founded in the X and XI centuries by the family of Beaumont and occupies a considerable ...


eglise-notre-dame bressuire

Église Notre-Dame

The parish church and priory of the city of Bressuire was built in the XI century. In the XIII century, the ...


musee-municipal bressuire

Musée municipal

The museum was created in 1971. Housed in the old grain depots, built in 1827 on the location of the monsters ...


chapelle-saint-cyprien bressuire

Chapelle Saint-Cyprien

The Chapel Saint-Cyprien, from the X century, is one of the oldest historical evidence of Bressuire, she has ...


chateau-des-valois cognac

Château des Valois

After the destruction of the first castle to the X century, a new one is built in the XIII century. According ...


eglise-saint-leger cognac

Eglise Saint-Léger

Church Saint-Léger is the largest churches in Cognac. She was formerly the Benedictine Priory and now serves ...


eglise-saint-martin cognac

Eglise Saint-Martin

Church Saint-Martin is a church of the XII century which has preserved the remains of its ancient cemetery of ...


abbaye-de-charroux charroux

Abbaye de Charroux

The Benedictine architecture brought us this magnificient abbey, located in Charroux, in the Poitou-Charente ...


eglise-saint-andre dolus-d-oleron

Église Saint-André

Church of Saint-André was built in the early of XVII century, classical style, it has a beautiful carved ...


site-gallo-romain-de-sanxay sanxay

Site gallo-romain de Sanxay

The Gallo-Roman site of Sanxay was an important place for treatment and pilgrimage. It was discovered in 1881 ...


tours-de-la-rochelle la-rochelle

Tours de la Rochelle

The towers of la Lanterne, la Chaîne and Saint-Nicolas, are facing the ocean, they are the symbols of La ...


prieure-saint-medard-de-la-perroche dolus-d-oleron

Prieuré Saint-Médard de La Perroche

Priory of Saint-Médard of La Perroche before the Revolution was a monastic congregation, called la ...


chateau-de-balzac balzac

Château de Balzac

Castle Balzac is located on the town of Balzac, Charente, near Angouleme. Treasurer Guillaume Guez is the ...


eglise-saint-etienne ars-en-re

Église Saint-Étienne

The church of Ars-en-Ré, built mainly in the fifteenth century, is dedicated to Saint Etienne. This church ...

ARS-EN-RE (17)

donjon-de-fouras fouras

Donjon de Fouras

The dungeon is located Fouras Fouras in the department of Charente-Maritime. This is a relic that testifies to ...


chateau-d-oiron oiron

Château d'Oiron

The Château d’Oiron is located between Poitiers and Angers. The construction of the building ...

OIRON (79)

chateau-de-saint-loup-sur-thouet saint-loup-lamaire

Château de Saint-Loup-sur-Thouet

The original castle was built in the eleventh century by Lord Drogon. The present castle dates mainly from the ...


chateau-de-dissay dissay

Château de Dissay

Pierre d'Amboise, Bishop of Poitiers, was the brother of Cardinal d'Amboise, minister of Louis XII, ...


chateau-couvert jaunay-clan


Castle-Couvert is a castle located on the French town of Jaunay-Clan, in the department of Vienne, whose ...


fort-boyard ile-d-aix

Fort Boyard

The idea that a fort should be built at that place in order to protect the naval shipyard of Rochefort dated ...

ILE-D'AIX (17)

cathedrale-saint-pierre-d-angouleme angouleme

Cathédrale Saint-Pierre d'Angoulême

The Cathedral Saint-Pierre, located in the historic center of Angouleme, is the most remarkable monument of ...


le-baptistere-saint-jean poitiers

Le Baptistère Saint-Jean

Regarded as one of the oldest Christian buildings in France, the Baptistery of St. John was built between the ...


notre-dame-la-grande poitiers


Consecrated in 1086 by Pope Urban II, this Romanesque church has a large carved facade added in the twelfth ...


donjon-de-niort-alienor-d-aquitaine niort

Donjon de Niort-Aliénor d'Aquitaine

The Dungeon of Eleanor of Aquitaine is paired with another dungeon. These two towers were part of a vast ...

NIORT (79)

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