Castle-Couvert is a castle located on the French town of Jaunay-Clan, in the department of Vienne, whose construction was launched in 1519 by Francis Smoky, mayor of Poitiers. He was listed as a Historic Monument in 1984. Jaunay earth falls into the hands of Smoked to 1471 with the marriage of Peter and Hilary Herbert smoked. This is the beginning for the family smoked three centuries of rule. The term "Château-Couvert" appears for the first time in 1520, attached to the name of Francis Smoky, mayor of Poitiers, Pierre Smoked manufacturer with his father, the eponymous mansion still visible today in the capital of Poitou. On the death of Francis Smoked (1532), the stronghold of hats - the other name given to the stronghold of Château-Covered dependent Royal Abbey of Fontevraud - returns to his youngest son Francis II, who then forwards to mention Francis III the list of mayors of Poitiers (1597) as "Treasurer General of France at Poitiers. Covered castle will remain so for more than three centuries in the same family until the death of Elizabeth Smoked (1775), widow of the Marquis Francois Lightning Courcenay. The castle will then in families and Vasse Tuderte before being transformed into a mansion in the nineteenth century.

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