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3 days dynamic, themed attractions to see three lights, do not miss...

We begin, of course, the inevitable Futuroscope!

It continues with the Valley of the monkeys Romagna.

Finally, it ends with a walk to the Green Venice and discover the Marais Poitevin.

A day on the Parc du Futuroscope

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A truly unique environment in Europe, where technological innovation of the image is in the service of the show to create exceptional events! The Futuroscope theme park has all the projection techniques of the most innovative: 360 °, 3D, screens, relief, simulator ... with stunning performances to help you experience extreme sensations.

Shrink, become Minimoy, as already 2 million visitors and find Arthur, adventure 4D, a hair-raising race in the magical world created by Luc Besson. Go back in time to the dinosaur era and dive into the abyss, inhabited by creatures with giant sea monster. Get started at full speed in the futuristic city of Thunderbolt Hill Pizza and meet ... true love! Armed with a laser gun, pull the waste that pollute and destroy our Océna The 8th Continent.

Share the pleasures of sensation, games and entertainment to fill up with emotion.

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Logis des Deux Tours

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domaine-de-la-fuie vendeuvre-du-poitou

Domaine de la Fuie

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Hôtel Normandoux

  • Terce
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Valley of monkeys !

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Monkey Valley consists of shaded paths, streams and waterfalls and invites you to a unique exploration into the calm and beauty of its landscapes. At every corner is a new view available to you. Monkey Valley a tourist site to discover in Vienne, on the Land of the Futuroscope! Come and observe closely the gorillas, chimpanzees, bonobos and nearly 30 other species of monkeys.

The park, comprised of fifteen islands and verdant tree, allows apes to evolve in complete freedom and in direct contact with visitors. Here, there is no cage or fence, but a lot of space for you to discover the apes (gorillas, chimpanzees, bonobos ...) like no other!

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hotel-val-de-vienne le-vigeant

Hôtel Val de Vienne

  • Le vigeant
  • 05 49 48 27 27

Walk in Marais poitevin

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Many adjectives such unusual, exotic, wonderful ... qualify the boat rides in the Marais Poitevin.

Proposed with or without guide, these offers are nothing like walking. In the first case, the business of inland waterways gives you a boat and a plane channel. Then it's up to you. This formul is pleasant but does not, especially the first time, to capture the subtleties of this exceptional area.

With a guide, a boatman takes place on the boat to row, but also and above all, to bring you a wealth of information on the Marais Poitevin. Topics as varied as history, landscape architecture, cuisine or wildlife will be discussed. To round it off, after referring to the legends of the marsh, your boatman will probably show you "Fire on the water."

To enjoy your walk, prefer early morning departures or late afternoon. At these times, the light is better and there are many fewer people in the marsh.

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La Vieille Ecole

  • Taugon
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Hôtel Restaurant du Lac

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