Donjon de Fouras

The dungeon is located Fouras Fouras in the department of Charente-Maritime. This is a relic that testifies to the existence of the old fortified village in medieval times. The mouth of the Charente was already in Roman times, a strategic location. They had even built castrum.

In the course of the eleventh century, the family of Rochefort was to pay a fee for boats to pass on the Charente. In 1305, Fouras was redeemed by Philip the Fair who gave it. The city was then given to several lords before arriving in the hands of Jehan de Brosse II, Lord of the Eagle in 1449 who built the tower between 1480 and 1490. Louis XIII taken from La Rochelle and was a royal fortress that protected the river mouth during subsequent wars.

Citadel and the tower were classified historical monument to March 13, 1987.

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