Tours de la Rochelle

The towers of la Lanterne, la Chaîne and Saint-Nicolas, are facing the ocean, they are the symbols of La Rochelle. They are the most important maritime medieval relics of fortifications. They have been the guards of the harbour since the 12th century. The tower of la Lanterne was a lighthouse but was also used as a prison, witnesses of that, the graffitis drawn by the inmates. The tower of la Chaîne gets its namesake from the chain set between this former one and the tower of Saint-Nicolas. It was used to close the harbour.

The Saint-Nicolas tower was the second part of the entrance of the harbour. It was also used as a prison during turbulent periods in the French history. The three towers are an essential attraction if you are in La Rochelle. The terraces of the towers offer has a sublime view on the city, on the Vieux-Port and further, on the fort Boyard and on the isles of Ré, Oléron and Aix. The towers also house collections of graffitis made by the former prisoners. Since 2008, a permanent exhibition called «La Rochelle-Quebec, get on board to the New-France» has been opened.

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